Designing Your First Product Package

Posted on: 4 April 2015

When you design your first product package, you may find it overwhelming to move outside your comfort zone and think of concepts such as design. However, by considering your ultimate goals, you will be able to create a package that helps you fulfill your marketing goals.

How Will You Differentiate Yourself?

When you begin designing the packaging for your product, you will want to consider how your product is different from those of your competitor. Is the main selling point the juiciness of your product? Are you the most affordable option on the shelf? Is your product organic? Is it trendy? Are you involved in a charity? These factors will influence how you will attempt to depict your product to the rest of the world through your packaging.

Look at the packaging of your competitors. You will not be able to cultivate brand recognition unless you are able to make your packaging stand out from your competitors. Your customers should be able to look at the package and immediately identify your product on the shelves. Many customers could end up walking home without your product only because they searched for it but couldn't find it among various similar styles of packaging.

Why are Customers Buying Your Product?

To know how you will differentiate your product from your competitors, you will need to understand the primary reason why your customers are consuming your product in the first place. One option is to print a phone number on the packaging so that customers can call to provide feedback. Give your customers an incentive to call the number, often by entering them into a contest for a free giveaway.

How Will You Communicate This to the Designer?

Even if you have a perfect vision of how your packaging should look, this will not translate to the actual packaging unless you are able to effectively communicate this to the package designer. Communicate closely with your packaging design firm and look at the early prototypes of the packaging design so you can decide if the design is what you had originally envisioned. 

How Will You Meet All of Your Packaging Goals?

Another one of the challenges of product packaging is that you will need to balance several competing needs. For example, you will need to balance the need to protect your product with the need to make your product appealing to the consumer. For example, you could use bubble wrap to protect the product, but this will prevent the product from being displayed to the customer on the shelf, which will make the product less enticing. What good is it to protect a product that will end up in the garbage after it fails to move off the shelf?

Designing your first product packaging is difficult, but can also be exciting. Let it sink in that your product is finally coming to the market and that customers will forever think of your packaging when your company comes to mind!